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Washingtonville High School Announces October’s “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

Washingtonville High School Announces October’s
“Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

WASHINGTONVILLE–October’s “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards have been announced at Washingtonville High School (WHS). This program gives teachers and students the opportunity to nominate others who best represent the High School’s mission.

In keeping with the WHS mission, which emphasizes the importance of supporting the whole child and re-defining success, the initiative focuses on positive behavior in the classroom, in the field, on the stage, and in the community.

For the month of October, Grade 12 student Sophia Kapusinski Russo was selected for being a standout player on the varsity volleyball team, a tremendous friend, and someone who looks out for her classmates. Early this school year, she came to the aid of a classmate who was struggling, and her swift action helped provide the help her friend needed during a difficult time.

Grade 12 student Frank McCue, who is an active member in Masque and Mime, was chosen for being thoughtful. One specific act of kindness demonstrated by Frank was when he helped a Grade 7 student who was struggling with a heavy backpack and had just missed his bus. Through assisting the student, Frank demonstrated compassion, citizenship, and Wizard Pride.

Chemistry teacher Mark Rosengarten was selected by a student for his dedication, accomplishments, and humble demeanor. He is a big believer in his students’ abilities to better themselves and is an inspiration for students.

Washingtonville Central School District parent Laurisa Sampson was chosen for being Wizard Nation’s biggest cheerleader and supporter. She is always positive and full of energy, and if there is a program or opportunity that has the potential to make things better for our kids, she lends her full support and enthusiasm.

This month’s winners were treated to lunch at Betty’s in Washingtonville, were awarded a Wizard “Pride, Passion, Purpose” T-shirt, are being featured on the District’s website and social media pages, and, if eligible, are being given a special parking spot at the school.




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