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Washingtonville Police Hot on Grinch’s Trail:

Washingtonville Police Hot on Grinch’s Trail:

More shenanigans expected before Whoville celebration, police say.

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The Grinch is back! And officers at the Washingtonville Police Department are on it, as shown here in two stills taken from a video from the Washingtonville Community Events Council of member Martha Barrera as she interviewed Sergeant Frank Cirigliano at his desk. As the interview was taking place, a call came in for a Grinch sighting, possibly involving his one-antlered dog Max, and two deputy officers immediately sprang into action, grabbed their animal-catcher sticks, hopped into their car, and chased down the suspect. Unfortunately, at this time, the suspect is still at large. “We don’t know how he got away,” the officers said, shaking their heads.

Last year, the Grinch was very wily and managed to escape being caught for the entire month leading up to the Whoville celebration, which this year will be held on Dec. 7 prior to the annual Christmas Firetruck Parade and Tree Lighting. This year, Washingtonville police higher-ups believe they will be able to catch him before he causes any real mayhem, and officers said the pressure is now on to apprehend him, and quickly.

Last year, the Washingtonville Community Events Council put out frequent videos of sightings and shenanigans involving the Grinch, and parents said children enthusiastically adored the series, causing the Council to repeat their efforts this year with all new videos. So be sure to watch for Barrera as she talks with law enforcement officers, local business owners, and the public about these sightings, and tune in with your children as officers go hot on the trail of…the Grinch!

grinch police 2-1 (2)

CAPTION 1: Washingtonville Community Events Council member Martha Barrera interviewed Washingtonville Police Department Sergeant Frank Cirigliano using her handy whisk as a microphone. (Photo provided)

CAPTION 2: Two Washingtonville officers jumped into their vehicle to chase down the Grinch, but the attempt to bring him into custody was unsuccessful

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