The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Cornwall Dragons Become NINE time Section IX Champs!

Dragons clinch NINTH Sectional Championship.  Next they go to State Finals!

Not just your Section IX Champs, after a stunning technical game against Minisink, the Dragons became YOUR NINE time Section IX Champs!!

Review by Dragon Fan, incredible sports photographer Lynn Fern:   Wow,  where do I even start! I’ll start with IT WAS COLD! But, the only part of my body that I felt it was my fingertips. My adrenaline was pumping & the vibe was undeniably incredible.. What a game! It was a well played game, good officiating, good sportsmanship and both teams left hearts on the field.

Cornwall let MV score first, but the vibe on the side wasn’t negative. It seemed to have pumped Cornwall up! There was a calming feel, no clue how to explain it. It was weird but it felt good. Or maybe it was just me being frozen and not knowing it.
These boys played smart, hard and wanted to walk away as NINE time Section IX Champs, and that they did! They made photographing the game fun & easy, lots of great action opportunities! Boys stepped up and played one amazing game. I couldn’t stop saying “whew what a game”, and I simply still have a smile on my face

(Photos and Story by Lynn Fern)

Lynn Fern 3 kick

Lynn Fern

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