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Music Man Gets Toes Tapping at Taft

Music Man Gets Toes Tapping at Taft

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Yesteryear came alive for the student actors and audiences at Washingtonville’s Taft Elementary School with its production of The Music Man.

Set in the fictional town of River City, Iowa, in 1912, the story centers on traveling con-man Harold Hill, who flim-flams the entire town into purchasing instruments and uniforms from him under the promise of starting a band. While planning to skip out with the money, he inadvertently helps the little brother of the town’s librarian and piano teacher overcome his lisp, and even as she sees through his scheme, she falls in love with him.

Goodness overcomes bad as the town comes together in ways more meaningful than the formation of a mere marching band, and all is right again in River City as the curtain falls.

A large cast and crew brought many familiar musical numbers alive with the organizational guidance and support of the drama and music departments, school administrators and teachers, and the PTA. Because of this production, Washingtonville audiences were able to take a trip back in time to a more innocent era and realize that, while crooks and their hustles may change, happiness pretty much remains the same.


CAPTION 1: A swindler extraordinaire. 

CAPTION 2: The cast had the audience singing along to many familiar musical numbers. 

CAPTION 3: Period costumes brought the early 1900s to life.

CAPTION 4: (Photos by Jessica Nardo)


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