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Support Our Heroes

Support Our Heroes

Veterans Day may be over for this year, but support for our veterans is ongoing, especially during the holidays!

New Windsor resident and vet mom Lucy Mercado is holding her Thanksgiving collection as part of her veterans foundation “Support Our Heroes”.  She began the foundation after a promise to help active military when her son Luis came home safe after overseas deployment in Iraq.  Lucy has continued the request for needed supplies for those overseas for the past 14 years, and we remind our readers that while active military events may not be on the front page every day, these soldiers are still fighting and dieing for freedom, and to keep us safe.  The least we can do is make sure they have basic necessities.  Her request for help in collecting these items follows:

“Presently I have 2 platoons overseas. One platoon is from New Windsor and the second is from Newburgh  I would like the community to know that presently both parents are deployed from 1 of my platoons. Their young children will have NO parents for the holidays. This is the ultimate sacrifice they are doing for our safety. How can we not support and motivate them!

I would like to thank everyone that has helped the foundation in the last 14 years.  Amazingly, it’s crazy how so many years later we still have men and women in the frontlines fighting for our freedom. They are making the ultimate sacrifice for us. I  really take it very personally when someone says I don’t support the war or just don’t even care. My son Luis A Mercado was one of those fighting for our freedom. I don’t think that anyone supports war, But I DEFINITELY support our Heroes that are sacrificing their lives for us. I hope that our community can continue to help and maintain this foundation alive. Some of the items presently needed are: energy bars, pop tarts, razors with handles and blades, Q-tips, batteries. Just to name a few other items are listed on our website), or monetary donations payable to Support Our Heroes can be sent to Lucy Mercado, 18 Windsor Square Drive, New Windsor, NY 12553. Or visit our website: and send us a message at:”









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