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A PORT OF NEWBURGH REVIVAL Newburgh Has Grand Ideas For Deep Water Dock Grants 


Newburgh Has Grand Ideas For Deep Water Dock Grants

By Edie Johnson

Advocates are pushing for Newburgh to become a popular deep river shipping dock once again, one that could  receive both supplies and cruise ships.

A grant was received for just that at the end of October (a follow-up to a concept level grant received in 2015), and the next thought among the advocates is “If this becomes successful, why not  boost the cruise ship business and transport passengers up the hill and to the array of nice shops and events along Broadway and in the area? It could provide massive benefits for jobs and income from tourists. For instance: Newburgh Illuminated and the Newburgh International Festival,   Newburgh Brewery, Ann Street Gallery, Motorcyclepedia,   Illuminate Newburgh, Washington’s Headquarters and Monument and even  shuttles across the River to Beacon and its offerings, Bannerman’s Castle, Kayaking and shuttles to the Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Vintage Emporium, Brotherhood Winery, and all of the other tourist attractions that are now scattered throughout the Eastern part of Orange County.  But how will they get to these places from the Waterfront?    More buses?  Horse and Buggy rides? Bicycle Rickshaws?  Ideas run the gamut, from pedestrian and a bike-friendly networks for bicycling, to viewing platforms, more public space connected to the waterfront and even a suggestion from someone for a massive terraced sustainable community permaculture farm with a switchback bike path.  Simple economic upgrades could include low voltage lighting, landscaping and repaving some rough parts along the waterfront. Other water-related activities and entertainment venues would likely flourish.

City of Newburgh’s Commissioner of Planning, Ali Church, told the Orange County Post that the City is definitely very serious about this.  They are eager for more of the popular slips for pleasure crafts, a backup dock for Ferrying, and the deep water dock capable of receiving cruise ships, both from long-distance ports and for day cruises up the Hudson River. They have already begun negotiations with one.  Newburgh has the benefit of deep water at its potential docking areas, whereas Beacon (which is somewhat of a tourist mecca) does not, and will never have cruise ships. It relies on ferrying to bring visitors from this side of the River. While one deep-water dock has gone through the grant and planning process, was sent out for bids, and an engineering firm selected, there is much additional work, and other grants needed to move the vision forward toward its grand potential.  Each, she said “will go through three phases  Conceptualization, Engineering, and Construction.  Over the coming year Ali and her colleagues will be holding many meetings with the public to collect ideas .

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