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Town of Newburgh Renews Its History

Town of Newburgh Renews Its History

By Town of Newburgh Historian,
Alan B. Crawford

In  the last week of August, I wrote about the Benedict House on the corner of State Route 300 and Quaker Street. The photo provided along with the story showed the past grandeur of this home. Sadly, years of neglect had taken its toll. A red warning sign had been attached to the outside to warn people not to enter as it was structurally not sound. Well, I’d like to show some recent photos I took this week with the new owner’s permission. Yes, a new owner and a new lease of life! He has begun gutting the damaged areas and rebuilding the floor joists, concrete footings, and hopes to have it closed up from the elements before the worst of our weather arrives this winter.

History is simply a recollection of past events, recorded in chronological order about a place. With that said, what we’re seeing is a significant event in the history of this home and we need to document it for posterity. It is no longer in jeopardy of becoming just a memory some historian in the future will write about.

This week, I want to show what some hard work coupled with a clear vision of what can be accomplished will do. Kudos to the new owner and his pride in tackling the job of restoration of something of this magnitude. I hope to provide timely updates on his progress.  And, perhaps this will encourage some of you out there to also take up the task of saving and restoring other significant structures in our Town. Make your own history of which future generations will extol!

Along with other things, we found a Grammar School Diploma for a Adah Rhoades Coons, from June 28, 1892, in one of the closets. I personally knew the Benedict family and have been in touch with them, but we haven’t been able to identify how this document got there. Before the Benedict’s, the house was owned by John W. Bushfield.

Postcards of the home and the photo from the store are from 1908 and 1924.

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