The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

First Snow Greets Holiday Season

Towns in our readership area had their first real snowstorm this week, and one could say it was a “Humdinger”.   Beginning in the middle of the night on Sunday, through Tuesday, first came waves of sleet, then snow, then light flakes, and back to flecks of ice, rain and again back to snow. By the time it ended it covered our towns and villages with a final blanket of snow that was pretty, but crunched like layered cookies when stepped on.  Accidents were many, including a fatal snowmobile accident in Hamptonburgh.  The photo above shows the greater Blooming Grove/Washingtonville area extending up to the edge of New Windsor to the North.  States of emergency were called throughout much of the county.  Road crews in Newburgh, Cornwall, New Windsor, Chester and Washingtonville were out in full force for up to 78 hours, many residents saying with relief “I heard them come by several times last night.”  While it made traveling to and from work as well as a bevy of holiday events somewhat of a struggle, it also helped put residents in a Holiday mood.

Cover Photo by Derek Robertson

Captions: 1 – Washingtonville Center Tree – Ready for Saturday’s Parade (Eugenia Moskowitz)
Caption :  2 –  Intersections were piled high (Eugenia Moskowitz
Caption :  3 –  Alexander Amante, exploring the snowy woods (Steven Amante)
Caption :  4 –  Little burro takes shelter from the storm (Edie Johnson)


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