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Blooming Grove Officer Hahn Promoted to Sergeant

Blooming Grove Officer Hahn Promoted to Sergeant

By Edie Johnson

It was much like a family event as well an official promotion when Police Officer Joel Hahn was joined by his team of fellow officers, Chief Alex Melchiore, Hahn’s brother, wife, and children, as he was promoted to the level of Sergeant on Tuesday night.  Hahn’s father proudly pinned the new badge and Town Clerk Darlena Decker officiated the “Swearing In”, after which the string of congratulations came, beginning with Town Supervisor Rob Jeroloman, himself an NYPD retired detective, followed by well-wishes from Councilman Chuck Quick, the rest of the board members and residents attending the meeting.

Chief and Sgt

Chief Melchiore spoke highly of him emphasizing the steps the new Sergeant had taken to earn his promotion, including that he has already shown many leadership qualities, achieving a 95% on his Civil Service Exam, and adding that younger members of the force already go to him for guidance.  The Chief said that the Department, which has a number of new members, including the chief himself, is doing really well, its priority being to serve the town’s residents.  This was obvious even a short while before the Town Board meeting, when 2 police cars were seen pulled over with emergency lights flashing, on a dangerous strip of Route 17M, known for serious accidents. But this time the officers had stopped to prevent an accident by assisting a woman who was clearly struggling along the side of the road, on a dark and rainy night while trying to push a cart full to overflowing with items with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other.  It was “an accident just waiting to happen”, that thankfully did not.

Proud dad with daughters

New Sgt pinned by father.jpg

New Sgt with fellow officers

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