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New Blooming Grove Emergency Management Coordinator To be Appointed

New Blooming Grove Emergency Management Coordinator To be Appointed

By Edie Johnson

The Blooming Grove Town Board has chosen Scott Morrice to be its new Emergency Management Coordinator, effectively immediately.  He will take the place Rick Lewis retired from the position last year after putting together an extensive Emergency Manual for the Town.  Morrice has served in the South Blooming Grove Independence Fire Department for 26 years and is also well known as a volunteer for several community groups.  He has the large stack of educational materials and several thumb drives to guide his work and said that he and Rick Lewis are good friends so if needed could call Rick with any questions. Councilman Chuck Quick said he has observed Morrice many contributions to the town over the years.

As commissioner, Morise will have primary responsibility for coordinating response between the Town and external agencies including the several fire departments (Monell, Chester, Independence, Goshen and Mt. Lodge) along with county and state response to any floods, fires, or casualties requiring current and future oversight (such as the need for a Command Center in last year’s fire in Schunnemunk Mt.)  Oftentimes continuing contact with state agencies such as FEMA is needed for months or even years.

Five new radios just came in that will be a big help during these kinds of events, as they are on their own band width.

Supervisor Jeroloman said that Morise will also be responsible for things like making sure that all commercial entities have a secure lock box for access, and that this will be especially important if Great Wolf Lodge is successful in setting up at the Orange Area Development Center which is located on he border of Blooming Grove and Chester.

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