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Beer and Molasses, A Magical Road Mix

Beer and Molasses, A Magical Road Mix

Anyone worrying about getting around in the snow and ice and sleet over the past few weeks knows that road crews have been out and about for many hours, through both daytime and nighttime.  Few things bother our sleep less than hearing them come by at midnight or 6 am clearing the way for those of us needing to go to work.  Thank You’s and praises came in for every road crew in our readership area for the long hard hours and good work done by the highway teams in Newburgh, New Windsor, Cornwall, Washingtonville, Blooming Grove and Chester.

The trucks shown below are the Blooming Grove Highway crew, with one crew coming back as another readies to go out.  Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatrick reported that this week they did the calculations and determined that  there has been $54,000 savings in salt costs since they began using a mix last year that includes beer and molasses.  Yup, that’s right, “beer and molasses”.  It spreads better, stays on the roads longer, and causes less runoff into the aquifer.

See lots more great stories and photos in this week’s Orange County Post.
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