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Kramer Thanked for Service,  Passes Seat To Cathy Acevedo

Kramer Thanked for Service,  Passes Seat To Kathy Acevedo

Blooming Grove Councilman Jason Kramer from the Village of Washingtonville’s Ward 1, received thoughtful appreciations from his co-board members at this week’s last meeting of the year, as he said “Goodbye” and  expressed how much he had enjoyed the challenges of the position, despite being sidelined by a heart attack mid-term.  Kramer said that not only had he learned much about how the town operates and made friends that will last for a lifetime, he plans to remain active in town events and continue attending town and village policy-making meetings now that he has his health back.  He will also remain active in his own business and sharing his unique technical and graphic skills.  Kramer designed the new logo for the town’s Highway Department Trucks, with historic town images. Other board members also voiced appreciation for the cooperative working relationship and lack of bickering they have enjoyed over the past 2 years.  They welcomed Cathy Acevedo who has been attending meetings during the past months and who will now represent Ward 1.  Supervisor Jeroloman also thanked Kramer for his help both in graphics, use of computer media,  and in pushing for the town to finally tackle the Town Hall repairs, especially the HVAC System which had become only partly operable and therefore dangerous.  Repairs are essentially complete, just in time for Christmas.

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