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Washingtonville Renovation Update

Washingtonville Renovation Update

By Eugenia Moskowitz

As per the Nov. 19 village board meeting, the renovation of E.J. McLaughlin square (created in 1991) in the center of the village is taking longer than expected due to the sudden emergency work the DPW was called to do right after the old mulch had been dug away, including road repairs and new catch basins. The police booth has been mostly refurbished at Washingtonville High School by the shop students and is currently awaiting a final coat of paint. The lampposts have been moved to the Vern Allen Dog Park, which is in the final stages of completion. New lampposts will be placed in the square.

Mayor Joe Bucco said Sewell Park (across from the middle school) is now on hold due to the fact that the prior village administration had signed off to FEMA requirements that all structures had been removed from the flood lots when in fact upon hosting FEMA to approve the grounds in mid-September, it was discovered to everyone’s surprise that old concrete deck footers, an old driveway, and an old tennis court were still there, buried under the soil. Until these and other buried structures are removed to FEMA specifications, work on leveling, seeding, and adding FEMA-approved flood-zone structures such as benches, paths, and a gazebo, cannot be done.

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