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BREAKING NEWS: No More PFOS In Firefighting Foam In New York

ToxicBREAKING NEWS;  From the office of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

In an exclusive, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt told the Orange County Post at about 6 pm tonight that he had just received word that Governor Cuomo has signed the law prohibiting any firefighting foam that contains PFOS.  The chemical that facilitates waterproofing and has therport ell as elsewhere across the country, has been blamed for toxic amounts in area water resources.  Infiltration into groundwater caused initial toxic contamination of Newburgh water, and a spill several months ago compounded the problem since the nearly indestructible substance flowed down Silver Stream and was also later to have contaminated New Windsor’s 2 new $2 M wells.  Amounts were also found at concerning levels at the North end of Beaver Dam Lake.  The substance is used as waterproofing in many products (such as cold weather gloves, jackets, waterproof cups, etc.)

More on this as information comes in., i.e. what kind of alternative product will be used for the firefighting exercises?  Also, there are dozens of PFO variants.  Does this bill prevent all of them, or only the most common PFOS?

Stay tuned, more coming!

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