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Former NFA Basketball Player Makes Good As Harlem Globetrotter

Former NFA Basketball Player Makes Good
As Harlem Globetrotter

Former NFA Basketball Player, Jakwan Jones, is now playing for the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters. At NFA Jakwan was called “Slinky”, a nickname his close friend, Jabari Wells, gave him when they were kids. At 6’5” Slinky, a member of the NFA Class of 2014 started his college career at Quinnipiac University then finished his college career at Florida Southern where he had a stellar career.

Shortly after graduating last May he signed to play overseas in Luxembourg until he got the great opportunity to travel the world and continue playing the game he loves. As a Globetrotter he is known as “Sky”. He may be the first Goldback basketball alum to become a Harlem Globetrotter and he continues to make his hometown community proud.

Caption – Sky Slinky Jakwan Jones poses with his former NFA Basketball Coach, Matt Brown, during a free moment before the Basketball Game.

Article by James R. Formato,  photo by Jonelle Formato-Santo

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