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Blooming Grove Officials Sworn In

Blooming Grove Officials Sworn In

Blooming Grove Swearing In Ceremony (2) Kathy adjusted and color up 2

Officials in the Town of Blooming Grove took their oaths of office on Tuesday night and Supervisor Rob Jeroloman read the hour worth of reorganization paperwork and then summed up the Town’s accomplishments during 2019. These included Renovation of the Town Hall, Dam Repair, May’s Field Grounds and Building Renovation, and redesign of the Highway Maintenance Garage that came in from bidders whose estimates were inappropriate and over budget. Among other projects for the coming year, top priorities will include a Cold Storage Structure for the town’s diesel trucks, expansion of facilities at Lasser Park, moving forward on the Maintenance Garage construction, fire drills and then demolition of structure on the adjacent property, and a likely needed culvert replacement at Ahern Boulevard in the Village of Washingtonville.

Liaisons for various services the Town provides are: Cathy Gregg-Acevedo (Fire Dept. and Recreation); Steve Amante (Ambulance, Safety & Health, Humane Society); George Doering (Buildings Grounds & Parks as well as Planning and Zoning, Water & Sewer); Tom DeVinko (Emergency Management, CAC, Village Board of Washingtonville); Chuck Quick (Personnel, (Highway & Personnel, Volunteer Organizations  K of C, Kiwanis, Chamber, Placemaking); Sonia Ayala (Neighbors for Neighbors, Village of South Blooming Grove, Water & Sewer, Safety & Health); Robert Jeroloman (Information Technology, Personnel, Police, Senior Citizens, Assessor and Building Department.

Caption:  Left to right – Wayne Kirkpatrick, Highway Superintendent, Cathy Gregg-Acevedo (Ward 1), Tom DeVinko (Ward 2), Charles Quick (Ward 3) , Rob Jeroloman (Supervisor), Sonia Ayala (Ward 4) , George Doering (Ward 5), Steven Amante (Ward 6)

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