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Washingtonville High Announces January “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

Washingtonville High School Announces January’s

“Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards

January’s “Pride, Passion, Purpose” Wizards have been announced at Washingtonville High School (WHS). This program gives teachers and students the opportunity to nominate others who best represent the High School’s mission. In keeping with the WHS mission, which emphasizes the importance of supporting the whole child and re-defining success, the initiative focuses on positive behavior in the classroom, in the field, on the stage, and in the community.

For the month of January, Grade 12 student Marisela Colangelo was selected for taking pride in her academics and in her participation in ROTC, Special Olympics, and Best Buddies. She is kind and helpful to her classmates and is planning a future that involves helping others. Grade 12 student Ryan Hendricks was chosen for being one of the hardest working individuals at WHS. Whether it is on the football field or basketball court, he gives it his all. In addition, Ryan takes nothing for granted and is a natural leader. Social Studies teacher Kevin Clough was selected for being a great teacher, friend, and person. One student stated, “Having Mr. Clough as my Social Studies teacher freshman year was the best part of my year. I was contemplating becoming a sports journalist and joining the Journalism Club was the best thing I did at WHS.”Doreen Diemer, Principal Connolly’s secretary, is being honored for her overall commitment to looking out for and taking care of everyone on a daily basis at WHS. As one WHS staff member said, “It’s hard to measure what she means to WHS.” In addition to all that she does as a senior school secretary, she also organizes charitable programs, like Friends of Karen and the annual Dress Down for Leukemia Day, which provide for those in need.

This month’s winners were treated to lunch at Betty’s in Washingtonville, were awarded a Wizard “Pride, Passion, Purpose” T-shirt, are being featured on the District’s website and social media pages, and, if eligible, are being given a special parking spot at the school.



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