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A Fitting Remembrance For Rebekah Grohl


A Fitting Remembrance For Rebekah Grohl

Bekah tent 2

Hundreds of people walked the grounds of Washington’s Headquarters throughout the day on Thursday, some to show respect and then leaving, many entering a large white tent  overlooking the Headquarters, the home of George Washington, and the Hudson River.  The tent was filled with flowers, friends and admirers of Rebekah Grohl who passed away suddenly at 22 years of age on  January 5th of side effects from influenza, and to celebrate her life.  “Bekah”, as she was called by her friends,  embodied the goals and hopes of the best and brightest of the Newburgh crowd. Young and old, elite and poor, she joined them in the never ending work to lift up Newburgh.  She was a SUNY Magna Cum Laude graduate, was Campaign Manager for Legislator Kevindaryan Lujan, Steven Majano and Senator James Skoufis,  worked  for numerous other campaigns, and became President of Orange County Young Democrats.  She had rejoiced in the progress they made together.  Rebekah spent her short adult life promoting the democratic dreams that Washington’s Headquarters stand for, and it was perfect that the event was held on her birthday and at her favorite place.

The crowd inside celebrated  her life, along with some tears, and speeches and  inspirations to continue Rebekah’s work, remembering her efforts and the torch she carried to never give up on the city and colleagues she loved.

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