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“Frank, Orange County’s Famed Ox”

“Frank, Orange County’s Famed Ox”

Beloved Area Ox Heads Over The Rainbow Bridge At 20 Years Young

Hamptonburgh – It was a sad day this past Fall when Robin and Dan Jurechko had to say goodbye to their beloved Ox Frank, as he went over the rainbow bridge.

Frank was a very well-loved member of the Orange County Farm Community, a virtual tradition,  having attended and entertained the young and old alike for nearly 20-years in and around Orange County.

Draft animal activities are a great piece of our heritage to remember, and a wonderful group of enthusiasts gather numerous times a year to try their hand at driving.                                         

  • (HVDHA Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association -Equestrian and Oxen Driving Classes are held from January to April. You do not have to own an animal to participate. Anyone interested can contact Robin Jurechko 845-294-9017,

Frank the Ox been to the Hamptonburgh Country Festival for about 18 years, been to the Bull Family Reunions, the Great American Weekend, Saunderskill Farm in Accord  with the Hudson Valley Draft Horse Assoc. , the Great American Weekend, Stonykill Farms in Wappinger Falls and several other places.

Anyone who me him, just loved him.

The Jurechkos retired him two years ago when they saw he could not do the outings any longer.  However, anywhere we went folks always asked about our “Frank, the ox”

Having an Ox at Orange County events was extraordinary, since the kinds of farm chores they are known for are mostly done by machines now.  But young couples with “Gentlemen Farms” are bringing a resurgence of draft animal appearances and even work on their farms, including hauling lumber, plowing fields, pulling wagons and other farm duties.  Frank helped these traditions stay in the minds and hearts of area residents for a very long time.  Robin and Dan are sad for his loss, but grateful for his life of service and companionship.  Robin said her goodbyes, but the show will go on with driving lessons and draft work presentations at the Hamptonburgh Festival and elsewhere “Rest in peace, our dear friend.  You are missed by many.”

Come and join HVDA to participate in this great piece of heritage, and if you have a farm you might think of some draft animal activities you could even learn to do at home

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