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Washingtonville Trying for “HGTV Home Town” By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville Trying for “HGTV Home Town”

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville is abuzz with volunteers enthusiastically gathering photos and short video clips of historic downtown Washingtonville as impacted by floods, fires, and other hard times, to send a two-minute video to the HGTV for its upcoming series Home Town.


The show will select only one town out of a nationwide contest to be the recipient of a makeover, highlighting what the town has suffered, how it has struggled through natural and/or other disasters, and how it has come to rebuild itself, with spirit and determination, as best it can. Washingtonville has seen both its share of disaster as well as more than its share of resilience and spirit, with a population, a current village board, and Mayor Bucco all determined to do everything it can to make the downtown area of the village better.

Led by Village Board member Laurisa Sampson and Village beautification member (and special education teacher) Leanne Bucco, a team of dedicated volunteers is amassing photographs and video clips from residents of both the village and town to edit together into a demo, with some technologically expert volunteers, to be submitted to HGTV by Feb. 7. (The deadline to send anything to Laurisa Sampson is Feb. 1 – via Facebook messenger or by calling her at 845-481-0694 and dropping off at Village Hall. Please see the link at the end of this article to submit directly via Dropbox)

“Washingtonville is known for coming together to get through bad times, and against any adversity. Now it is focusing on areas of the community which desperately need a makeover. This includes, but is not limited to: churches, cemeteries, the Washingtonville Police Department stationhouse, the Sewell Park area, sections of Main Street, etc. Have images or footage of the flood or anything else? Or have an idea of how to make the video stand out to HGTV? All these are welcome,” said Sampson.

The link to the Dropbox is:

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