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City of Newburgh Mayor Torrence Harvey On Steps to Combat Violence

Volley of Shots Leaves Two Injured – Mayor Torrence Harvey Responds to Recent Violence

City of Newburgh – More violence hit the City of Newburgh on Tuesday night by semi-automatic hand guns after when a volley of shots in the area of South Clark/Renwick/Benkard  hit  17-year-old Allah Gayle and 33-year-old Aaron Stone.  The shots hit their legs and abdomen, sending  them to Montefiore/St. Luke’s Hospital.  A Shot-Spotter device heard the bullet volley, bringing City of Newburgh, Town of Newburgh, Town of New Windsor and State Troopers to the scene.

Mayor Harvey’s Long And Short Term Plans To Combat Violence

By Edie Johnson

Asked what plans he has to improve the climate in the City of Newburgh in ways that can counter the culture of violence in some parts of the City, that has led to events like this week’s spate of violence, Mayor Torrence  Harvey said he has ideas both for long and short term solutions.  In the long term, he believes the City’s economic development initiatives that will use properties overlooking the Hudson River for mixed use development, and the projects in the City proper that will beautify vacant lots and restore empty buildings, will not only  improve the City structurally but financially as well  because the added tax revenue will bolster  funding for services  like the Police and Fire Departments. By restructuring the Fire Department, Harvey said, with a full time Chief, he also expects the department will be more efficient and reduce overtime so that additional staffing can eventually be reintroduced.

In the short term, he has plans for some forward thinking changes to community relations programs.  In fact, right after Tuesday’s shooting a former student that he had mentored came to visit him.  The student had since gone on to attain a college degree, and out of gratitude he came back and told Harvey he wanted to do something to help prevent future such incidents. Harvey said he wants to revive a program that he started some years ago called 100 Young Men and rename it 101 Young Men.  He hopes to put the young man he mentored in charge of it and that they will make a big effort to connect with the youth in areas prone to violence by asking the young  people in those neighborhoods what THEY feel they need, what kinds of programs they want and any  ideas that they think will help sway the leanings toward violence. He also wants to have some of these meetings in locations where older men can sit in and offer ideas as well and appreciate what  both they and the younger boys can do to ‘lift themselves up’ to be future promising leaders that can add significantly to the betterment of their community. Plans are also in the works to have more “Pop Up Barbecue” events in the coming Spring and Summer, where police, fire and officials make friends and improve relations with people in different areas of the City.   That, along with

Condition of the injured is not known and the shooters have not been caught.  Anyone with information is asked to call 845-561-3131.  (Photos by Bob McCormick)


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