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Local Lawmakers Protest Bail Reform in Albany

Local Lawmakers Protest Bail Reform in Albany

Lawmakers gathered at the State House in Albany this week, including Orange County’s District Attorney, David Hoovler and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (3rrd row from front) united in protest against the new bail reform laws that allow some criminals that are now categorized as “non-violent” to be let free until their court date.  Some of these offenders that were either released from prison during the past two months have committed new crimes, and some of those were violent.  While some lawmakers believe that the new law needs some revisions, but are better than back to previous bail laws (even during revision) which kept suspects incarcerated sometimes for an unfair length of time before a decision of guilt or innocence has been decided.  It also allowed many suspects from wealthy families or with wealthy friends to go free while poorer suspects stay in jail.

These law enforcement protesters believe that the new bail laws are so problematic that they need to be repealed and rewritten. They say the laws are also causing a bureaucratic and unsustainable economic burden on law enforcement agencies for new equipment and documentation systems which will be reflected in increased taxes for residents unless the law is swiftly changed.

Caption: Lawmakers assemble in protest of Bail Reforms, including DA David Hoovler and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.  (3rd row from front)
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