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Creating The Crime Of ‘Circumvention Of Bail Reform.’Opinions by Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Senator James Skoufis

A “My View” by Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

“Just when you thought the dangerous criminal justice changes couldn’t get any worse Albany Democrats introduced S7723, ‘circumvention of bail reform.’ This outrageous and offensive bill would criminalize law enforcement, prosecutors and any one charged with keeping New Yorkers safe. Murders, domestic abusers, bank robbers and more are being released onto the streets and instead of fighting to protect us, this bill aims to charge cops and prosecutors with a crime if a criminal defendants charges disqualify them from the new no bail laws. I will not stand for it. It is time to focus on keeping New Yorkers safe, not criminalizing our protectors. Hell no to this bill. Now more than ever we demand full repeal. Call your legislators and demand they oppose criminalizing cops,  public safety officials and prosecutors. “

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

My View The Law New law to criminalize law enforcement


Statement from the Offices of Senator James Skoufis – on 2-13 –

  “We do not believe this newly proposed bill will move forward. We have ongoing meetings with stakeholders about revisions that will make the new Bail Reform laws more acceptable to everyone concerned.”

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