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Blooming Grove Comp Plan Addendum and EIS Completed

Blooming Grove Comp Plan Addendum
and EIS Completed

With the documents that will be added to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan complete, the stage is set for it to become law.  With one of its main purposes being to set up a process that allows the Town to set aside a Real Estate Transfer Tax for the purpose of protecting Open Space and offering PDR (Purchases of Development Rights), the board voted approval for Supervisor Rob Jeroloman and two other board members to go to Albany and request the ability to do this under the Home Rule laws the state operates under. Meanwhile the State Assembly continues to press for a Countywide program under which all towns could join.  Since the Assembly and Senate bills did not agree last year, the Blooming Grove process will allow the town to move forward no matter which bill passes.

With Spring right around the corner and little snow this year, trash along the roadsides is outrageous. A Massive Spring Cleanup is planned for April 25 and 25. Residents are invited to sign up to help at Town Hall the week of April 20. Councilman Steven Amante pointed out that trash cans are being left out for days at a time, and with high wind days they become a danger blowing into the middle of roads. The town will consider making reminder stickers.


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