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Beaver Dam Lake Will Soon Become a Lake Again, ETA July 2020

Beaver Dam Lake Will Soon Become a Lake Again, ETA July 2020

By Edie Johnson

Things at Beaver Dam Lake are definitely looking up.  The once popular Summer lakeside community that many summer visitors later came back to build homes on has gone through several difficult years.  With its dam deemed dangerous by the State’s DEC,  the lake had to be emptied last year in order for repairs to be safely made.  Concern had been that if the dam, which had not been  repaired in many years, broke and spilled its water across Route 94, it would not only flood adjacent properties, but would put lives at serious risk.  Dam renovation progressed last year until wooden scaffolding was uncovered that needed to be replaced.  This required time-consuming new plans and a whole new set of Requests for Proposals by construction groups.  With optimum weather for working on it ending with the onset of Winter, residents in the mostly upscale homes of these lake lovers were becoming impatient.

But the scaffolding work has been addressed, and bulldozers are back at work.  Cement work depends on the temperature which must consistently must remain at 40 degrees or above. Another update is expected soon about whether temperatures are up enough to complete the concrete work, but with delay after delay making the lake look more and more like farmland, July does not seem that far away.

(Photos by Edie Johnson)

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