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Breaking News: Village of South Blooming Grove Wins Election Lawsuit

Village of South Blooming Grove Wins Election Lawsuit

By Edie Johnson

Attorneys for the Village of South Blooming Grove ( Brittany Patane-Cordero of Lawrence A. Garvey & Assoc.) commented on Tuesday morning about their win after several new residents in the Village charged “fraud” in the petition process and tried to prevent 2 board members from seeking re-election.

The attorneys said, “The favorable decision from Honorable Craig S. Brown in the case of Kalaj et ano. v. LoFranco, et al, sets a clear precedent that intimidation and manipulation of the election process will not be tolerated. The Petitioners’ accusations made about events that occurred in the Village of South Blooming Grove were designed to disenfranchise voters, harass candidates, and abuse the integrity of fair access to the ballot. Judge Brown’s decision considered the Petitioners’ failure to establish any knowledge of their own petition or the nominating signatures in question, and further denied any finding of “voter fraud.” Voters are now reassured that the democratic and judicial process will remain enforced and their rights be preserved. Candidates James A. LoFranco and SueAnne Vogelsberg will remain on the ballot for March 18, 2020, election and look forward to continuing to deliver and represent the rights and wishes of their fellow community members.”

Meanwhile, the Group  of Rabbi Yoel Loeb and members of the Peace and Justice Coalition  demonstrated on Sunday to support Mayor Jim LoFranco and Trustee SueAnne Vogelsberg and protested what they called unfair voting practices of the candidates who just recently moved into town and sought to remove LoFranco and Vogelsberg from the ballot by unsupported accusations.  They stood in front of the home of Abraham Weiss  and spoke about the reasons for their protest and saying “Its a terrible thing to try and  take over the community by a block vote so they lose their representation. It’s against the Torah.”  Then they chanted “Abraham Weiss, Shame On You, Abraham Weiss, Shame on you.”  They requested an interview, and finished by saying, ” We love Jim LoFranco.”

See full story in this week’s Orange County Post which will be on newsstands this Friday.

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