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Creativity Reigns at Odyssey of the Mind Region 5 Tournament

The Mid-Hudson Regional Odyssey of the Mind Competition (New York State Region 5) awards ceremony took place at the Orange-Ulster BOCES Emanuel Axelrod Education Center in Goshen, N.Y. Over 500 local students, making up 72 teams from 12 schools in Orange and Dutchess Counties, challenged each other in the day-long competition.

Creativity Reigns at Odyssey of the Mind Region 5 Tournament

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, seventy-two teams from 12 local school districts in Orange, Dutchess, and Sullivan Counties came together to compete in the Mid-Hudson Regional Odyssey of the Mind Competition (Region 5).

Odyssey of the Mind is an intellectual contest of creativity, resourcefulness, mental acuity and expression. The purpose of the competition is to focus on creative problem-solving using a team approach. It is based on the concept that “mind games” can be played with as much enthusiasm and competitive spirit as athletic games. The problems are divided into five categories that include both long-term and spontaneous problem-solving. The challenges included:

Longshot Solution

Net Working

Classics…The Effective Detective

Balsa Limbo

Gibberish or Not

Washingtonville students of all grade levels participated Little Britain Elementary School’s primary team tackled “The Fashion Bug Problem,” while the school’s intermediate team competed in the Division 1 Long Term Problem, “Networking.”  Washingtonville High School competed in “Balsa Limbo”

Teams were scored on a combination of points earned from long-term solutions, spontaneous solutions and style. The Washingtonville High School team will advance to the New York State Odyssey of the Mind Tournament on April 4, 2020 at SUNY Binghamton.


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