The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

W’ville School District to Hold Planning Session in Case of School Disruption

By: Eugenia Moskowitz

The Washingtonville Central School District communicated to parents on Mar. 12 that Mar. 16 will be a half day for all students so that administrators and staff can prepare in the event that schools may temporarily close their physical doors due to the current Covid-19 coronavirus. CUNY and SUNY schools have already moved to distance online learning for their students for the remainder of the school year. Because academic progress for students cannot stand still, the conference is essential to plan for what is right now a situation with many unknowns.

Because the situation is fluid and there are a lot of factors impossible to predict, both parents and students have expressed feelings of agitation at the disruption the possibility of school closures causes, academically, economically, and pragmatically. Warwick and Cornwall schools have added days on to their spring breaks to avoid concentrations of people until this virus blows over. It has yet to be determined if Washingtonville will follow suit.

Known for his calm head, decades of experience, and excellent reputation, Washingtonville school superintendent Dr. Larry Washington has kept in communication with parents, and continues to do so as developments occur. Parents have expressed satisfaction with that, even while a general underlying anxiety among them is palpable.


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