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9/11 Monument in Planning Stage, Seeks Donors

9/11 Monument in Planning Stage, Seeks Donors

The Washingtonville-Blooming Grove 9/11 Benefit Fund is in the planning stages of constructing a monument, to be erected this summer and unveiled in September 2020, to honor the memory of the growing number of September 11 rescue and recovery workers who are dying as a result of post-9/11 illnesses. The monument will be placed in the Washingtonville Memorial Park on Ahern Blvd. near the original Washingtonville 5 Firefighter Monument, which was erected just after September 11 and dedicated in 2002.

The efforts to raise funds for the construction and preservation of this new monument include a Backyard BBQ to be held May 9 from 2:00-6:00pm at Betty’s Country Kitchen, in the center of Washingtonville. Please call “Betty’s” abut tickets.  There will be raffles and baskets as part of the fun. To donate a basket, please call or message Kevin Radday at Betty’s (845) 614-5422. To make secure donations online, please go to Donations can also be dropped off at Washingtonville Village Hall, attn: WBG 9/11 Benefit Fund, 9 Fairlawn Drive, Washingtonville NY 10992.

There will be a volunteer meeting on Apr. 30 at 7:00pm at Betty’s Country Kitchen. There is a Facebook to learn more: “Washingtonville – Blooming Grove 9/11 Benefit Fund.”

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