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Late Breaking- Containment Proposed for Village of Kiryas Joel

Late Breaking- Containment Proposed
for Village of Kiryas Joel

After contradictory reports were made about whether the residents of the Village of Kiryas Joel were following COVID19 guidelines, and it was determined that unlike other towns and villages its schools had not been closed, this week they had a discussion with County Executive, Steve Neuhaus, and agreed to go ahead and close the schools.  During the following days, reports came from people in the village, some of which said they were now following the guidelines and not congregating.  But some pictures also came out of people in groups.  As we go to press we have learned that after a doctor who tested KJ residents and found that 9 of the first 14 residents tested positive for COVID19, he predicted numbers there would quickly multiply into the thousands due to their large families, high density housing and congregating habits.. Cases soared to over 100 this week in a Hasidic Brooklyn community where 100 cases were found earlier this week, and the County is considering a difficult decision.  Assemblyman Colin Schmitt told the Orange County Post late today that he had a communication indicating that County Executive, Steve Neuhaus is considering putting so-called “interim containment guidelines” in the Village until this contagion is under control.  More news on this as it comes in.

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