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Blooming Grove First “Zoom Meeting”  Given A-Plus By Residents

Blooming Grove First “Zoom Meeting”  Given A-Plus By Residents 

By Edie Johnson

An online program called Zoom Meetings is becoming very popular, and on Tuesday night the Blooming Grove Town Board members, and residents who were stuck at home in isolation, learned why.  Many residents who have children at home and cannot attend late meethings anytime, let alone when there is a mass virus, or snowstorm had their first chance to watch the Blooming Grove Town Board at work.

Supervisor Rob Jeroloman  told those participating that two BGVAC Ambulance Corps members have tested positive for COVID19 and are out, but are doing fine.  A third, who has a compromised immune system is also in self-quarantine.  He said the town does have adequate masks and gloves for both the FD and Ambulance Corps. The Town’s Planning and ZBA Boards have been temporarily shut down.  All applications to these boards have an automatic 30-day extension. He added that he wanted to make sure that residents know of daily assistance that is still available, especially help for  seniors.  The Town of Blooming Grove is continuing to provide Meals on Wheels home food delivery for seniors and homebound residents. The Town is also still providing the Senior Bus service for Seniors to go to Doctor visits, pharmacy visits and supermarket visits.  Persons needing this service just need to call to schedule a trip. Added safety protocols have been put in place that include thorough scrubbing of the Senior Bus after every trip.  And, at least for now, bus trips are only available for Seniors. The Town’s State of Emergency Declaration is official and legally filed.

Ward Representative Tom DeVinko said he hoped that additional resources, such as extensions that are being offered for mortgage payments, a list of borrowing resources and other needed assistance can be made available for residents . He added that he wanted residents to know he is available to help them in any way, whether it be to pick up prescriptions, any other items, or to help with any other of their needs.

Board members thanked the Blooming Grove Community for stepping up to this new challenge.

One benefit of this new Zoom Meeting format was that every word that members spoke was clearly heard.  One ward rep who was out of town was able to participate as if he was there.  And on top of that the meeting was recorded and will soon be posted so that all other residents can see it in the coming weeks. There were actually more residents joining the meeting via Zoom than attending usual Winter meetings.  At the end of the meeting, all those who had joined the session from home had an opportunity to make a comment or ask a question. Feedback, was that participating in a meeting via “The Cloud” was a great idea.



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