The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

From the Palisades Park Commission

From the Palisades Park Commission

Last weekend, some of our parks saw numbers that caused parking lots to reach capacity. Getting outside is so important to our individual health and well-being, however, during this time SOLITARY recreation is ideal. Social distancing protocol is still in effect. If you see a location getting too busy, consider another park or try to come back at another time, or even on a different day –

We know it is a challenge, especially when the sun is shining, but STAYING HOME is still the best protection for yourself and others.

If you do visit and are able to enjoy one of our parks PLEASE strictly adhere to the following:

* Maintain adequate distance between others, 6-10ft.
* Bring your own hand-sanitizing measures.
* Refrain from touching railings, signs and playground equipment (playgrounds at NYS parks are CLOSED).
* Use the restroom before leaving home, as facilities are not open and park staff is limited.
* Carry-in/carry-out all trash and belongings.
* Stay as local to your home as possible.

Consider using this time to plan future hikes in our parks. We are here for you, let us all do our part! #palisadesparksconservancy

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