The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Hold Your Horses!

Hold Your Horses!

New York Horse Owners – fretted earlier this week when state authorities announced that if you had a horse at an equestrian boarding facility you should not go there to ride.  The reasoning behind the order was that hospitals already have a shortage of beds, and that with horseback riding’s relatively high percentage of accidents, any traumatic injury could put a person needing a bed for COVID19 treatment at further risk of not being able to get the very best treatment. The order also pointed out that hired staff at these facilities are essential to the care of the animals, and their health, as well as that of any calls by veterinary clinicians should not be risked….and if risked could result in no one being able to care for the horses.

After a number of horse owners complained to the authorities, they relented and farm owners were allowed to negotiate visiting hours for grooming and health check with owners (as long as they could maintain proper social distancing), but still with no riding permitted. Farm owners however retain the right to close their facility if they deem it necessary.


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