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Pinewood Derby Races Again

Pinewood Derby Races Again

Washingtonville – Pack 316 had their annual Pinewood derby earlier this month at the Knights of Columbus and fun was had by all racers!  Each racer must make their own car and meet specifications set forth by the Pack in order to participate.

Cub Pack 2

Open Class Race: 1st Aliyah Rossini, 2nd Alana Hogg, 3rd JuliaBlais

Cub pack 4

Overall Pack Winners – 1st Place Webelo, Jimmy Cipriani, 2nd Place Brnadon Hogg, 3rd Place John McCabe


Overall Pack Winners
1st Place: Webelo Jimmy Cipriani
2nd Place: Brandon Hogg
3rd Place: John McCabe

Webelo Den
1st Jimmy Cipriani
2nd Philip Nielsen
3rd Thomas Leiter

Bear Den
1st Place Jacob Blais
2nd Place Ian Molina
3rd Place  Nikolas Agudelo

Wolf Den
1st- John McCabe
2nd- Jacob Richland
3rd- Liam Pickens

Tiger Den
1st Brandon Hogg
2nd Hunter Kay
3rd Robert Colucci

Lion Den
1st Thomas Walters Jr
2nd Luca Mendes
3rd DJ DeLaCruz

Open Class Race
1st  Aliyah Rossini
2nd Alana Hogg
3rd Julia Blais




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