The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Public Resources Stepping Up To The Plate Will Include The Orange County IDA (Industrial Development Agency)

Breaking News:  IDA Will Join Groups Giving Financial & Material Support During COVID19 Crisis

By Edie Johnson

Press Release and Lists of Public Resources Below:


$500,000 in loans will be available to businesses that had to shutter because of COVID-19 

New Windsor, NY – The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) today announced an economic recovery program to help revitalize local businesses in Orange County that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Impacted businesses will be able to use the Orange County Industrial Development Agency as a resource to reboot their operations. The recovery program will offer critical resources to help revitalize the local economy. Through the recovery program, the Orange County IDA will immediately assist businesses:

  1. To train, rehire and recruit employees;
  2. To identify and solve supply chain and inventory shortfalls to enable companies to continue their production and services undeterred;
  3. To clean and disinfect facilities and spaces believed to be exposed to the virus;
  4. To provide business rehabilitation guidance and strategic counsel;
  5. To help fill out and apply for federal and local grant/loan applications.

In the next few weeks, through the Orange County Funding Corporation, businesses will be able to apply for loans to help pay rent, purchase supplies and make critical utility payments.

“Our goal has always been to empower local businesses. It is our main priority now to support Orange County businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Our economic recovery program will give Orange County businesses the tools they need to get a head start once the economy begins to reopen,” said Laurie Villasuso, Chief Executive Officer of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency.


Public Resources During COVID19 Epidemic

New Windsor Police Assisting Food Pantry at Encounter Church

Photo Caption (Above, New Windsor Police and Assemblyman Colin Schmitte distribute food at Encounter Church on Station Rd. in New Windsor

Efforts are being made throughout Orange County to offer maximum assistance to communities, including applications for financial assistance, child care and food where necessary.

Each of these resources will be described in full with their respective contact information over the next few days on our website (  with contacts and links.

The Town of Blooming Grove is continuing to provide Meals on Wheels home food delivery for seniors and homebound residents, The Town is also still providing the Senior Bus service for Seniors to go to Doctor visits, pharmacy visits and supermarket visits.  Persons needing this service just need to call to schedule a trip.

State of Emergency Declarations – Allows municipalities to take certain emergency measures including procurement policies, offering assistance to other municipalities, etc.

Per request by County Executive Steve Neuhaus, the County’s IDA (Industrial Development Agency) is contacting state authorities to determine whether it can funnel approximately $500,000 to $600,000 from funding for new business development to existing small businesses that are in need.

Federal Small Business Loan Assistance from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt along with contact information. Also efforts to expedite alternatives online for unemployment applications

Healthy Kids Programs – 7 Full Day Emergency Day Care Programs, including one in New Windsor

Hold Meetings and have Doctor Visits via Zoom Meetings and Skype to Avoid Exposure

DMV Suspended Services, Deadlines and Fines

Paying Bills Safely by in the City of Newburgh

Resources for City of Newburgh Businesses List

New Windsor Food and Essential Items distributions at Encounter Church, Station Road

St. Mary’s Food Pantry Washingtonville

Food Bank of the Hudson

School Food Deliveries throughout the Washingtonville School District and Newburgh Extended City School District

Crystal Run Takes Steps to Combat COVID19

Virtual Tour Links for Kids and Families



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