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Assemblyman Colin Schmitt of 99th District Called to National Guard Duty

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt of 99th District Called to National Guard Duty

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt, a Corporal in the Army National Guard has been activated for the COVID-19 mission. Schmitt was deployed on April 6 as part of the 1569th Transportation Company fighting COVID-19.  He  started  what seems to be a long list of challenging army  assignments  just as the New York State Budget was wrapped up in Albany, including some of his bills, and then barely changed into his uniform before being sent to assist at the Javit’s Center in NYC to help set it up as a treatment site.  He then started a very large food distribution program for 70 of the food vulnerable and seniors in his district, from Woodbury to Washingtonville.  This week was the first time that these deliveries were made and left at the receivers’ door, to ensure no transfer of the virus.  The food was provided thanks to the generosity of Wayne Corts’ Falkirk Estate & Country Club in Woodbury.


Schmitt’s Assembly Office will continue to be fully operational remotely to provide uninterrupted service to all residents of the 99th Assembly District.  Recognition also goes to Carpenters Local 279 who have committed a significant number of volunteers to help make the deliveries.
Seniors and vulnerable households who are in need during this time can register for this meal assistance online at this link or by calling Assemblyman Schmitt’s office at 845-469-6929.

The Asseblyman said, “As we continue to wage war against coronavirus I have been activated and will deploy in Orange County to support the Army National Guard COVID-19 mission. In this trying time for all in our communities I will do my part as a member of the National Guard to combat this virus.”

I am forever grateful to the brave men and women who have been on the frontlines working to save lives and keep our communities healthy. They are heroes and I will work however long it is necessary to provide assistance to them in my military role. My office will still be fully operational during this time. ”


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