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An Important Message To Our Readers:

An Important Message To Our Readers:

Through its long history, the Orange County Post, known as The Sentinel for forty-one years on the eastern end of our readership area, has served our readers and communities in countless ways. Here are just two important ways the Orange County Post supports your community:

First, through our commitment to provide investigative reporting, the newspaper has been responsible for keeping an eye on local politics and making sure resident’s tax dollars are handled efficiently.

Secondly, and just as important, is that a large part of our coverage is based on YOU – the social and personal aspects of what is happening in the lives of our community. Coverage of awards given out at the fire departments, ambulance and police departments, happenings at church events and food pantries, awards given to students for special achievements, little league, scouts, sporting events, school days and more.

We often wonder how many of our articles and pictures are tucked away in scrap books to be cherished for a lifetime.. Community newspapers are history books of the life of a community and its  community newspaper is the glue that keeps people connected.

Community newspapers are the record keepers of the life of a community and connect the past with the present.  We at the Orange County Post are proud to be a part of that. Add in glue

The Coronavirus crisis has brought local economies to near standstill, and advertising along with them. That new financial challenge means the Orange County Post must fight for its own survival while continuing to provide important local news and information as a public service during this unprecedented crisis.
Today we are asking for your help in sustaining local reporting in our community. These are unprecedented times and as a designated essential business, we are working to provide the best possible coverage through our newspaper and website.

If you believe local news and information is critical, especially during this crisis, please donate to help keep us on the job. Contributions to this fund will help pay for news resources to cover the impact of the virus on our local communities, information on testing sites, which businesses are open, and more. All donations made through the Covid 19 Local News Fund at are tax deductable.  If you’d like to mail a check directly to OCP (not tax deductable), please mail to P.O. Box 405 Vails Gate, NY 12584.

From press conference coverage to schools and local businesses, the Orange County Post’s important work helps keep the local community safe and informed about CoVid-19. SupportLocalNews


Thank you for supporting the Orange County Post during this critical time!

Orange County Post – CoVid-19 Local News Fund is a service of and administered by Local Media Foundation, affiliated with Local Media Association. Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, is a Section 501(c)(3) organization and is eligible to accept charitable contributions.

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