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Editorial – Are You Spun Gold?

Editorial – Are You Spun Gold?

As they say, gold is put to the fire to be refined. In the bible in the book of Zechariah it says “I will bring that group through the fire and make them pure”.  So, how many times in your life do you really think you have been asked to give everything of yourself.  Well, clearly this is one of those times, and will be for awhile yet.  The first wave of panic is over. We know we can beat this if we continue doing what is necessary, it’s just a lot of boredom and scarcely any fun.  It’s a little like when they say “the honeymoon is over…..but you still have to do the hard work”. It’s when the chaff is separated from the wheat and you become a real person of courage.  It’s like the Velveteen Rabbit says, you only become real when you become scruffy and worn. Only this time, some are clearly giving even  more. The parades, the clapping, the honking and singing are I’m sure all appreciated by these people, many of which are truly giving all they have.  But these service people, and not just the doctors and nurses, but the customer service reps, the managers, the gas station counter staff, the plumber, your work colleague,  in fact EVERYONE you deal with on a daily basis is seriously risking their life BY TRUSTING THAT YOU FOLLOW THE RULES OF COVID PRECAUTIONS.  And those who we trust the most, along with the doctors and nurses; the paramedics, the police and firefighters are in high numbers among those who have paid with their lives.

We all know this, and some have gone to the extra lengths to be appreciative.  But in a situation like this, even among those a little socially shy, how many is too many times to give an extra smile, ask “How are you doing today”, and say “THANK YOU!”

It may seem strange to say “Thank you for being here” to the grocer, or police officer, or lady at the register, but I promise you will get use to it.”

Say it with your heart. Say it like spun gold. Your life may depend on these people, because it’s true that We Are All In This Together.

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