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Blooming Grove Extends SOE, Schedules CDBG Hearing

Blooming Grove Extends SOE, Schedules CDBG Hearing

During its second monthly regular Town Board Meeting of April, held as a virtual ZOOM Meeting, Supervisor Rob Jeroloman said he has extended the Town’s State of Emergency Declaration, and continues to review and extend it every 5 days.  During the week he receives daily updates in conference calls with CE Steve Neuhaus about the daily number of COVID increases/decreases/deaths and ICU available capacity which at last report was over 40%.  Jeroloman added that the county has reported that the “Quick Tests” have shown a number of false negatives, and are therefore being used only as a preliminary test. Over 19,000 people have been tested and testing is continuing at 100-200 daily. The county shared that they believe we are at a plateau with virus numbers, and that 90% of our striken residents were “high risk” population.  The biggest problem, he said, was that hospitals are reporting that many people are either trying to deal with symptoms at home for too long, waiting until they are having serious difficulties with breathing.  Many of these people don’t go sooner because they are afraid that if they don’t have the virus they will catch it there. The virus needs to be treated well before a patient is struggling to breathe.

Town staff is healthy and continues to rotate any work that needs to be done at Town Hall and accomplish as much of their work as possible by telecommuting. The Police Department continues to be fully staffed. There have been a few problems with IWS Trash Removal. This has been because a few of their drivers turned up with positive COVID tests, and their replacement drivers are still learning the routes.

The Town bus continues to transport seniors to doctor appointments and necessary shopping, and Meals on Wheels is continuing to deliver food to them.

On May 5th at 7:30 the Town will hold its yearly CDBG Hearing where applicants can suggest projects they think are worth of a Community Development Block Grant.

Deputy Supervisor George Doering says he enjoys the number of people he sees hiking along Clove Road and especially since they seem to be following social distancing guidelines.  He said he would appreciate some better COVID-19 statistics in terms of how this virus and its numbers of deaths as well as other viruses this year compare to the usual number of deaths/viruses that have occured during the winter to spring season in recent years.

Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatric said that blacktop is currently not available through his usual sources, and with relatively cold weather continuing it would not be efficient to blacktop at present anyway.  Some residents have expressed concern about work that Spectrum is doing in the area of Barnes Rd., because they worry that recent roadwork might be ruined.  Kirkpatrick said he has spoken to them and the new roadwork will not be disturbed.  The meeting recognized that Bob Wells will be retiring from the Highway Department after 31 years


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