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The Inspiring Picone Family Gets Ready To Greet Mike Home

The Inspiring Picone Family Gets Ready
To Greet Mike Home

Salisbury Mills– Mike Picone and his family were dealt a tough hand this Spring.  He was working at the Thruway Authority as a Supervisor when he fell ill there as an essential employee.

Four BGVAC paramedics have battled CPVOD-19 as well after they went out on assignment before we even knew it was a pandemic coming in.  Sadly, BGVAC Volunteer Sal Mancuso lost his struggle on Thursday.

Mike has fought hard on his way to victory, and he’s about to tackle the last lap.

The Picone family is tight knit and such an integral part of the Washingtonville Community that there’s hardly a person in town who doesn’t know them well. Not only is he a member of BGVAC, his kids are avid and successful sports enthusiasts, his daughter a cheerleader and dancer with the New York Dance Academy, and wife, Toni an environmental advocate, and talented photographer who spends much of her time travelling to spread the word about the accomplishments of Washingtonville Wizards whether they are playing basketball, football or cheerleading.

So when Mike fell ill, the community rallied around them. Toni says “I want people to know to never give up!  Always continue to pray, stay positive and fight!”  That may be easier said than done when your can’t even see your husband and all you can do is cheer him on with signs from the hospital parking lot and an occasional Facetime. You do what you have to, so Toni built a strong connection with one of the ORMC nurses, named Sam.  They talked and texted every day.  She built connections with every doctor, nurse, therapist on the teams, both at Orange Regional and later at Helen Hayes. Their church joined the struggle with an online prayer service, prayer4Picone. There was the GivinKind, and even a parade by their house.

The result, The Picone really considers their community even more as their family, “We love our Picone Army. It truly does take a Village.”

There is more, lots more.  There was the time Toni risked her own life to bring him to the hospital while the virus grew. There were the 7 days on the ventilator while the family and their greater community family held their breath and prayed. There was the wonderful day he came off the ventilator. And there was the travel to Helen Hayes for weeks of follow-up care after he tested negative for COVID-19.

Now comes the good part.  Toni was busy today, busy finding a hospital bed, some home oxygen and a walker,  because they think there is a good chance that  Mike will come home this weekend, and they want everything to be as perfectly ready as humanly possible.

As the Picone family tackles (and I mean tackle, because that’s what they do), this last phase of recovery, she wants to tell her Community “We LOVE YOU all! We got this, he is strong and he is a fighter. Helen Hayes is the best and that is why I made sure that is where he went! The prayers, texts, calls, FaceTime, lysol, groceries, money, cards, cleaning supplies, gift cards, making phone calls for me, dinners, healthcare supplies, hand sanitizers, soaps, fixing my shutter, songs, ALL MY nurses reaching out and letting me ask a million questions, everyone who has visited on the inside with Mike, Dance Family, Cheer Family, Baseball Family, WLL, WIZARD NATION, NYS Thruway-Pony Strong, checking in on us, loving us, supporting us, caring about us, friend and family near and far, the kindness, generosity, offering to give Mike your Plasma, and SO MUCH MORE! I’m sure I’m missing things and people but please thank you all.

Thank you to EVERYONE who continues praying for Mike, for us and for all the COVID patients. We LOVE YOU all! The power of prayer! Thank you for your endless amount of prayers.”


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