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“Just Like Romeo and Juliet” – Cygnets

“Just Like Romeo and Juliet” – Cygnets


UPDATE:  The Cygnets at Greenwood Lake successfully hatched just as we went to press.



The swan pair in Sugar Loaf known as Romeo and Juliet are just fine. But they nearly avoided a big disaster two weeks ago when a would-be drone photographer crashed his/her drone on their nest while they are sitting on eggs that are expected to hatch at any time. They are just one of the numerous mute swans facing dangers in our area as suburbanites and some of their accompanying lack of knowledge about the local environment puts them at risk. As described last month, a frightening number of swans have died over the past year, likely from toxicity in the water. Correcting runoff of sodium chloride, PFO’s and nitrogen build-up is a challenging problem to solve..But some common decency can easily solve their other challenges. Our area swans have been doing well so far this Spring with sightings of numbers in Hamptonburgh (nests), Sugar Loaf, Monroe and Warwick, though the pair in Lake Hildegard has not been seen for a week or two. Either they are way back in the reeds hatching, or have left as a pair of big blue herons is seen to be nesting there now, along with a bald eagle.

But the swans at Greenwood Lake are facing a worse menace. Just feet from their about to be hatched chick eggs, a pontoon boat was out this week. It kicked up torrents of waves that threatened the eggs, and will continue to threaten the newborn cygnets if they are able to hatch in the next week or two.


So beware! Mute swans are protected by the New York State Environmental Conservation Law. They are considered a critical mark of environmental health, or lack of it. Do not handle or harm the swans, their nests or any eggs without DEC authorization. Threatening, harassing or disturbing wildlife in a wetland is against the law, and is punishable by fines and/or jail.



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