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Beaver Dam Rebuilding Project Continues Progress

Beaver Dam Rebuilding Project Continues Progress

In spite of the Coronavirus, construction work on the dam continues as it is considered essential.  There have been some delays associated with the working environment changes necessary to adhere to required social distancing measures. The following work has been completed:

  Completed 90% of core wall overlay and berm regrading

  Installed 18” outlet drain extension and trash rack for the sluice gate

  Fusegates have been fabricated and are ready to be delivered for installation

  Installation of a portion of select structural fill to support new spillway overlay

  Construction of spillway crest is in progress including all reinforcement, conduits, and 2 of 4 concrete pours

Orange County DPW staff have worked diligently to keep the BDL Dam Rehabilitation Project within the comptroller approved budget of $5,000,000.  However the construction budget will need to be increased in excess of $5M due to the following:

  The recent determination that actual quantities and costs of cast in place concrete and steel reinforcement in the redesigned spillway will exceed estimates provided by the consultant.

  Additional field changes required due to existing field conditions.

  Additional construction support and inspection costs resulting from the additional length of construction needed to complete the additional work associated with the spillway redesign.

It is anticipated that the Beaver Dam Lake fund balance and district capital improvement funds will be sufficient to cover the necessary construction budget increase.  We will request that Orange County Legislature authorize OCDPW to submit a revised application to NYS Comptroller’s office to increase project spending, schedule a public hearing and seek permission to utilize the fund balance, so it is anticipated that there will not be an increase to the bonded portion of the construction budget, and the projected district taxation associated with the construction costs will not increase.

Lake Vegetation

An assessment was conducted on the lake bottom vegetation by a limnological research and lake management company.  We will soon have a full assessment and report of recommendations for how to manage the vegetation in a way that will ensure the optimal health of our lake when it is refilled.  When the assessment and recommendations are provided, we will share and discuss the findings.



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