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Blooming Grove’s Zoom Meeting Addresses Summer Camp, Video Arraignments, Sales Tax Loss Budget Impacts

Blooming Grove’s Zoom Meeting Addresses Summer Camp,
Video Arraignments, Sales Tax Loss Budget Impacts

In the “Good News” column, parents will be glad to hear that county officials has said that Summer Camp will be allowed to open, though it will likely take 2 months to determine  any necessary modifications. Check the Town’s Facebook Page for details.

In the Virtual Age – ZOOM Meetings and Arrests
With zoom meetings continuing smoothly, they are expected to continue not only for town board meetings, but also for planning, zoning and ZBA sessions. Not only will the town’s meetings be held virtually, Supervisor Rob Jeroloman said that arraignment of criminals has also started. As of this week the county had its first video arraignment of perpetrators.  He said that  now perpetrators will not have to be brought to Town Hall.  But on the down side, gatherings at Town Hall will be reduced, from a maximum of 65 to 30. Two police officers will be leaving the town’s force. Michael Wunder works at the New York Fire Department, and with the City’s increased need for him there, will not be able to do both.  Officer Tyler Kennedy  will also be leaving, as has been offered a job at the Rockland County’s Sheriff Department.

Sports Waiting Game
The Sunday Softball League is still on hold. Installation of Washingtonville Little League Flags started being distributed throughout the Town and were gleefully received by parents as a sign of possible return to normalcy. Their installation on O&R poles was temporally halted because an update was required of the Village’s permission to install them, but the update having now occurred  installation will continue throughout the town and both villages.

Financing Hits

Funding was authorized for the large projects in the town pipeline by board members, including: Release of New York Rising Funds to Standback General Contractors for Critical Facilities Flood Mitigation, Tappan Hills Wastewater, Tappan Water Plant, Salisbury Mills Firehouse Project, and Engineering and Land Surveying authorized for Washingtonville Culverts .

Budget issues will be addressed at the Town’s June meeting.  With a 30-35% Sales Tax deficit expected in both town and county share, along with loss of $51,000 State AIM monies due to expected state shortfalls, a lot of budget revisions will be required.  In order for projects planned for the remainder of 2020 to continue it may be necessary to get a short-term bond or band.  The town does however have several bands that will be coming of age before long, so the fiscal hit may be relatively temporary as long as business returns to normal in the coming months.


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