The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Town of Blooming Grove Reviews COVID-19 Related Budget Adjustments

By Edie Johnson

With possible shortfalls of income, due to loss of sales tax, both from town and returns from shared income of the county, along with possible significant loss of state funding, the Blooming Grove Town Board worked together to find areas of savings. They then  then created a “Covid Contingency Budget”.   With an estimate of a possible loss of $550,000 they have to date cut planned expenses by $411,993.  This leaves a possible shortfall of $138.007 which would be taken from the Town’s Reserve Fund if the shortfalls come to pass.  Within the budget each line is marked with its original figure and a COVID Contingency number, so that if loss of funding does not happen in each area of the budget, they can go back to the original figures. Board members said they were pleased with how this worked out, and that a lot of hard work was put into it as a group, rather than  just making broad slashes.

As of now, the Summer Camp Program is still on.  The Town is waiting for guidance from the State as to what activities will be permitted and what the restrictions/protocols will be, and will then be able to fill out the activities programs in full.  Supervisor Jeroloman mentioned how important this will be, as it will help parents to be able to go to work. So far there have been 10 families who have signed up. More are expected as the guidance details come in.

Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatrick reported that with funding that is left over from last year, they are keeping repairs on Glenwood as their number 1 priority.

Tappan water sources have measured at high chloride/salt levels. While 250 parts per million are the usual level, Tappan measured 540 parts per million.  The water is still safe to drink, but anyone with special allergies or high blood pressure should limit the amount they drink without filtration.  The Town has found a test site for a new well, but will not be able to proceed until a Phase Two Reopening status is reached. Town Hall is open daily from 8:30-4:30 by appointment.  Small business meetings are held outside of the building, with social distancing and masks.  Town Clerk, Darlena Decker, has remained very busy assisting people with birth, death and marriage forms.  Councilman George Doering again mentioned how much he enjoys watching people out hiking, and the children along Barnes Road who have become quite accomplished graffiti artists.  Board members also reflected on the several lives lost of COVID causes in the town and village over the past month

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