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Washingtonville High School Graduation Plans

Washingtonville High School: Celebrating the Class of 2020 
On Friday, June 26th, the Washingtonville High School Virtual Graduation will be available on the High School website. On Saturday, June 27th, at 10:00 am, the Class of 2020 will participate in a car parade which will culminate in the Presentation of Diplomas on stage in front of the High School.
Listed below are the guidelines  for the parade and a map of the parade route. We are asking local businesses and residents to decorate along the parade route to celebrate the Class of 2020.
Graduation Car Parade and Diploma Distribution Plans 
● All seniors, driven by a household member, should arrive at Ahern Drive by 9:30 AM on Saturday, June 27th. Please enter Ahern Drive from Rte. 94.  The police will assist with the line up. ○ It will not be alphabetical.
● The Wizard Car Flag you received from the district will be your ticket into the parade. Please attach it to your vehicle prior to your arrival so that it is easily visible. It must remain on at all times.
● Once again, students are not permitted to drive themselves as they will be exiting the vehicle at the high school to receive their diplomas. ○ Individual automobiles only please- no trailers or attachments. ○ If a graduate does not have transportation for the parade, please contact the principal’s secretary, Mrs. Diemer, at 497-4000 ext. 24502 or
 ● The parade will begin promptly at 10:00 AM from the Toleman side of Ahern.  We will go right on Toleman, loop through Taft Elementary School, back on Toleman, to Decker. At the end of Decker, we will enter Rte. 94, and go through the village until we arrive on our campus.
● Posters of the Class of 2020 will line Ahern and the streets on the parade route. Graduates may retrieve their posters after the parade concludes, if they so choose.
● Once we arrive on campus, the Washingtonville Police Dept. will direct cars on campus to the diploma procession line. 
● There, we will have a designated area in front of the school where students will exit their vehicles and promptly walk to the stage to receive their diplomas. 
● In your gift bag that you received on June 17th, there was a blue/gold index card. Graduates should write how they would like their names to be announced on the card. 
● Prior to reaching the stage, students will hand that card to the announcer who will read those names as the graduates enter the stage, and you receive their diploma covers.
● While the graduates walk the path to the stage and enter the stage, we will ask the driver of the car to follow along slowly.  ○ No one, besides the graduate, may exit the car, at any time.
● A professional photographer will take a photo of the graduates on stage.
● After the graduates receive their diploma covers, they will continue along the path towards Athletics, and receive their actual diploma to place inside the cover.
● Students will then re-enter their vehicles, and the vehicles will exit the lot by turning right onto Rte. 94.
Please keep in mind the NY State Department of Health has provided very specific and strict guidelines for performing Drive-Through Graduation Ceremonies.  These guidelines are built into our plan, but also include the following additional guidelines:
● There must be no person-to-person contact during the celebration. Individuals may not shake hands.
 ● Diplomas can only be handed from one designated person, or diplomas should be prearranged for students to retrieve so there is no direct interaction.
● Students must wear masks, but may remove them while crossing the stage to have their picture taken.  ○ The PTSO provided Wizard face masks in the gift bag graduates received.
 ● The senior parking lot and high school campus will not be available for the public to participate in the ceremony.  This is necessary so that we are in accordance with the guidelines regarding mass gatherings.
While this is not what we envisioned for our seniors when we began the year, we are hoping to make this a very special celebration for the class of 2020.  So, please do:
● Decorate your cars. ● Encourage residents and businesses along the parade route to decorate and cheer on our graduates. ● Encourage extended family and friends to cheer on our graduates along the parade route off campus (social distancing, of course).  ● Cheer on our first responders who have been our heroes during this crisis.
The parade itself will be led by some of our local first responders so that we may honor them as well.  Also taking part in the parade will be members of the class of 1970, commemorating the 50 year anniversary of their graduation.  They will be riding in antique/classic cars.
We would like to thank the mayor and the Washingtonville Police Department in advance for all of their efforts.  This is a massive undertaking for our police department, but they, like our district, are committed to making this a very special celebration of  the class of 2020. 
Congratulations, Wizards!

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