Living in Cornwall

MICHAEL FALCO      Publish Date: 17 January 2020

Nine months to one year is the time estimate I received regarding the replacement of the Willow Avenue Bridge in Cornwall. This past week labor has been focused on the Firthcliff side of the bridge for purposes of relocating the water main that runs under Rt. 9W and continues into Firthcliff.

When Yours Truly was a kid, of course, it snowed in the winter in NY. And that was that. We all dealt with the weather. Now, TV and radio newscasters behave with a vocal alarm as if snow is something new! Go figure?! That said, I ask you, gentle readers, please make sure that your elderly neighbors (if any) have a plan for dealing with the cold. Take 5 minutes to telephone your senior neighbors and ASK if they are OK!!! Remember that everyone needs to be self-sufficient for at least 24-72 hours. Certainly true when the electric power goes out (again!) It’s not a bad idea to fill your gas tank, charge your phones and computers, have enough water to flush your toilet, and get extra provisions, just in case. And take that brief moment, please, to actually contact your senior citizen neighbor!

Snow is in the immediate forecast, but these local January Natal Day greetings are heartwarming: JAMES GAGLIANO (area resident & CNN TV Law Enforcement Analyst; JAMES FITZGERALD; TONY MORABITO, JR. & his brother MICHAEL MORABITO; CAROL J. WARD & her hubby ROBERT WARD: NATASHA PARTINGTON and her uncle ROBERT PARTINGTON; CHARLOTTE REDDINGTON; first chair violinist EMILY FAXON GALLO; music man “Professor” ED MCCARTHY, the ever-festive JEAN BOUTON; BETSY KHARE; CAROL DURKIN, SANDRA PEDERSEN FLEMMING, FRANCES BACKOFEN; KEVIN HUNT and his dad SCOTT HUNT; LOUISE PEDRICK; ED ROMANOFF; SANDY GAYTON; PAIGE SESSA; MARY MUMFORD and her hubby WARREN MUMFORD; computer guru SUE HENNEN; THOMAS VATTER; PAIGE SESSA (Educator); AMBER ASHCROFT; PETER MISSERE; DOUG KEVI; and birthday greetings to one of the most popular restaurant owners in our area, GARY FIORELLO, of Village Pizza fame. A wealth of birthday cakes in this month of January!

“Hey, Mike: What is Little Christmas?” You may possibly remember from your younger lessons that Little Christmas is one of the traditional names for the dates of January 5–January 6. It is also widely known in parts of the world as the Feast of the Epiphany. In brief, it is also considered by many to be the traditional end of the beloved Christmas season. In some parts of this beautiful, blue planet gifts are exchanged on the Feast of the Epiphany, when the wise men (or Magi) brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus. The 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day (December 25) and end on January 5, the eve of the traditional date of the Epiphany. Interesting to note (don’t you think) for those who are earnest in celebrating what is called Little Christmas, Santa will deliver toys and goodies in his sleigh on the night of January 5, not December 24. If you celebrate Little Christmas, children won’t open their presents until the morning of January 6, the Day of the Epiphany. And how about this consideration: Leave the Christmas decorations up until January 6. In Ireland, it’s considered bad luck to take the holiday trimmings down before Little Christmas.

If you’ve got the winter blues, here are some brief tips that I am happy to share with you. I can make use of these tips myself! As you are able – going outside if only for a short walk, is arguably a great way to keep the winter blues in check. Exercise helps! With this in mind, grab a friend or family member and take a hike. Literally. Get Your Vitamin D – to make up for that lack of sun. How ‘bout enjoying some tuna, salmon, eggs, or recognized fortified foods such as milk, cereal, and yogurt. Bring The Outside In – Plants or potted flowers to brighten your home, and also clean the air of your living space and enhance your mood. Pick the perfect plant for your home by browsing the Bloomscape website to begin creating your indoor garden! If just one of these items works for you – it is well worth sharing.



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