Living in Cornwall

MICHAEL FALCO       Publish Date: 15 May 2020

Cheers to my friend, ANITA MANLEY! You may be surprised how much this fine lady accomplishes. Anita shares with me: “I spend my week days working with my Town of Newburgh Friends of Seniors program and helping our town residents get shoppers, food delivered and letting them know we are here for them. I look forward to talking to as many as I can call to let them know they are held in thought. I am receiving calls from all over the county and have been referring callers to services they need. Between my son Scott (Town Councilman – SCOTT MANLEY) and me, we are getting food delivered from the Food Bank in Newburgh to the neediest including City of Newburgh people. I’m also working with Jewish Family Service of Orange County to get food delivered to Cornwall and New Windsor residents. I am truly blessed that I can do this!”

Anita certainly forwards many kudos to all the wonderful volunteers and drivers at the Food Bank who put together donated groceries and produce for those in need. Anita’s son, Scott Manley, tells her that there are approximately 1000 families that are getting groceries. Further kudos to the many food pantries including Good Shepard Church in Newburgh and the Unity Center that are providing meals all thanks to generous donations from the community!

Interesting technique! Viewing the construction of the all-new Willow Avenue Bridge (over top Rt. 9W) you can witness a sleight of hand, as it were. What appears to be a facade of expert stone mason craftsmanship is, in reality, assembled sheets in the appearance of stone. Yes, sheet by sheet – panel by panel is applied to the new frame. The end result has an appearance of fine detail in stone. Clever.

It occurs to me that the panels containing the stone-look vaguely resembles being in Central Area at the United States Military Academy at West Point. And THAT – going back to the late 19th/early 20th Century – probably was the real deal, in true stone mason craftsmanship.

Month of May Natal Day greetings festively go forward to: Ledlie Klosky, his sister Elizabeth Klosky, and their beloved Mom, the lady Wynn Klosky; Jackie Funck; Nancy Brennan; Ed Moulton; Joanne Zipay; Susan Banker Ostrander; Kim Tetreault McDonnell; Melissa Toll Stoffa; Howard Hull; Liliana Molina; Gene Heitzman; Dr. Donald Small; Michael Murphy; and Roy Zyla. Cheers, good people. Kindly accept a safe-distancing chorus of “Happy Birthday!”

GARY & KITTY FIORELLO and family, from Village Pizza on Hudson Street, send a shout-out to a generous local community! Restaurant deliveries continue from Village Pizza to St. Luke’s/Cornwall Hospital. Public donations through April and now well into May total over $6,000.00. More donations week by week!!! Gary & Kitty and the Village Pizza workers want to continue the deliveries of meals to the hospital, but this can only happen if the donations continue to come in. Please stop in at Village Pizza. Call: 845-534-3600. Gary & Kitty ‘hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. And as always, thanks for being the best customers we could ever ask for.’

Continued prayers for healing go forward to GARY TEXTER, husband of Cornwall Central High School graduate BETH ZAHN TEXTER. Gary remains in the ICU since April 4.  Latest report is that his kidney function is improving. Gary continues to need mechanical assistance breathing, and is not yet aware of his surroundings. Please continue to pray for Gary, and his wife, Beth,

Readers: As you are able – Stay safe. Stay Strong and Stay Smart.




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