The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

In My Opinion

Make a Call, it could Save a Life

This homeless person was seen under a homemade blue tarp tent several weeks ago by the Hudson River. While it is troubling enough to see someone in such condition on a clear and sunny morning, the impact of our change in weather will make the homeless situation in our area, especially in and around the City of Newburgh drastic and possibly life-threatening. In years past there was hospital and homeless housing for those in that degree of distress. There are still some sheltering organizations available, but most are short-term and have conditions for acceptance. Others are rejected by poor and homeless persons because they fear losing their independence.

We all have extremely busy and challenging lives, but if you think for a moment, and if you have a cell phone handy, it could take less than 5 minutes to make a call to 911, and the police will follow up to ensure that the person is at least safe and has access to some kind of follow-up services.

So do your community and yourself a favor and make the call. Just think how good you will feel to have possibly saved a life, or at least made the life of someone in trouble a little better.

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