Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!

We applaud kindness and fairness for all.  We deplore any meanness or physical neglect of anyone, let alone people fleeing a country where they are at risk of death.   But as the saying goes “The law is the law”.  Now not only is the dangerously overladen immigration system crumbling under our very eyes because the official overseers are following outdated laws that don’t work and are creating an immigration emergency; but the New York State Legislative Body is trying to pass a law that will allow UNDOCUMENTED (that’s a “politically correct” word for illegal) people to obtain an official driver’s license.  As we go to press it has not been signed into law by Governor Cuomo, but it likely will be in the next day or two.  And his hesitation is only because he fears they will be arrested by ICE for breaking the law.

Our viewpoint:  If the law doesn’t work, fix it. Don’t just allow it to be broken. They want to spend yet MORE on  fighting voter fraud, at the same time as they want to allow it.  Let’s look at the constitution and see what it promises for and about its  CITIZENS.


And then what?   Voting rights for those who have already shown disrespect for the law?  Voting rights for those incarcerated who have also shown extreme disrespect for the law?  Automatic Voter Registration (you only have to check a box to say if you do NOT want to be registered)? FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL?  What about the rest of us who broke our necks working to help put ourselves through school?

Next, and it probably won’t take long, we will have undocumented migrants (oh, wait?  now they will have documentation) and felons running for office.

Sorry (not sorry), but most of us who are legal citizens follow generations of our families who worked very hard to become citizens, had to document that they had skills to earn a decent living,  learned about the US Constitution and basic laws, and worked VERY hard to learn English.

It simply is NOT FAIR for those who have paid the dues of being a good citizen for generations to hand over those rights to others, others who don’t follow the rules.

And just how much of this is being done for a backyard political agenda, and at the expense of all that are here legally.



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