Editorial – Neither Helpless Nor Hopeless, Because of Kindness

I highly recommend that anyone in the area can benefit from taking a ride through the City of Newburgh.  In fact, do it at least once a month.  We hear of dangerous and unfortunate things that happen there. But there is so much more, especially during these troubling times.  Newburgh may be slow to climb out of its problems, but it is getting there.  And of all times to surprise us it is now picking itself up by its respective bootstraps more than ever.

If you drove through the City today you would see many shops closed.  But you would also see people tackling trash along the streets, alleyways and vacant lots.  Yes, it’s a thing…..you sign up to help.   Friends stopping to chat with friends (with their masks on). Rustic townhouses are getting new coats of paint and adornment.  Gardens are being planted and blooming. The historic beauty of this City is shining brighter every day.

Newburgh rose to the occasion.  But we would like to think that the incredible efforts above and beyond that have been made over the past two months by Newburgh Ministries, RECAP, OC Legal Services, the City of Newburgh and Orange County Social Services  and others has made a huge difference.  Not only in the things they have done, but how they did them.  People can rise above almost anything and stand strong for another day when they see and feel how much others care.  The City of Newburgh is proving that.

More importantly, the look of people, whether poor or not, is not a “downtrodden” one.  90% of those in the parks, visiting with friends on the street ARE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WEARING MASKS.  They are friendly, and talking about good times they have shared, and ones to come. There is an indomitable spirit that has always lived in the streets of this City.

And when you’re driving around the City (and hopefully stopping at some shops that will soon open), go a few blocks East, and watch The River for awhile.  It’s spectacular, and inspiring.

The people here JUST DON’T GIVE UP.

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