Kudos to SPCA’s, Rescue Shelters, and Those Who Adopt

Kudos to SPCA’s, Rescue Shelters, and Those Who Adopt

This week one of our Orange County Post employees adopted a dog.  He and his “references” were amazed at the details that rescue organizations  go through these days to ensure that anyone who adopts will provide a good home.  Once again we give kudos to our HVSPCA for the care they take when turning over a dog or other pet to a new owner.  We also give kudos to Orange County, New York State, and our country in general for the way they have been devising laws that ensure pets, who often are and should always be members of our family, are protected against abuse.  Recent laws put animal abusers on shred lists so an agency can ensure the person they are turning an animal over to is not a chronic abuser.  Another new law allows police and first responders to break into a hot car to save a dog’s life.  And the push is on to make animal abuse a FELONY nationwide.

There are times when we need to protect an individual’s rights and privacy.  But there is also a time to enable authorities to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

And of course if you are thinking about getting a new dog, cat, horse,  or other animal. Consider adopting one that is needy.  They will never forget it, and neither will you.

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