In My Opinion

It’s George vs. George Again

It’s happening again! George Meyers and George Green will crash head to head in another election campaign for Supervisor of the Town of New Windsor. George Green had served as Supervisor for six years back in the ‘80’s when he left to become a county legislature. George Meyers replaced him and served for twelve years, mainly because he was never faced with an opponent.

Meyers got into a scuffle with Everett Smith, Publisher of the Sentinel (now the Orange County Post), over a threat made by Meyers against Smith and got into a battle with the town’s volunteer ambulance corps and consequently closing down their operations. He then contracted with a paid ambulance corps. He then called Town Clerk Debbie Green “Dead Woman Walking” after he held a meeting to tell town officials that none of them were to talk to the Publisher of The Sentinel.  Debbie Green refused his directive.  George Green had enough and declared himself a candidate against Meyers in the next election. Meyers first lost a pool project referendum which town citizens considered a pre-primary election, then  was beaten badly in the primary and then was beaten again on a third party line in the general election.

Meyers, a registered Republican, is running as a Democrat against Green in the 2020 election. He is also running in a primary against George Green for the Republican line in order to get a cross endorsement.

A lot depends on this election for the town’s future and the quality of life of its citizens. We hope residents watch it carefully.

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