20 Years of Work, 100 Newburgh Habitat Homes

Congratulations to Habitat for Humanity on their 100th Newburgh house being built.  Their efforts have not only brought 100 more homes to families and given their owners a new start, it has put 100 more homes on the tax rolls.  It was a concerted and extremely dedicated effort by a lot of people, but it began  as most projects do with a dream and a lot of very hard work by a few who had the fortitude to pursue their dream. The camaraderie of those who participated helped build a feeling of unity and community, and kept the work from being drudgery.

Habitat has been doing this work non-stop for 20 years.  They have been a united force allowing a lot of people to have nice homes that could not otherwise afford them. But to be clear, the houses are NOT given away.  Participants work side by side with volunteers and construction workers and earn what is called “Sweat Equity, not only on their own home, but volunteering in the work of building homes for others as well.  The agreement includes a low-cost mortgage toward ownership.

We think it’s a wonderful program which has worked particularly well in Newburgh, and the people who have volunteered their services and those who have donated funds, and those who followed their dreams to make it happen, should know that they are VERY appreciated.

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