Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

Over the years many residents of Blooming Grove, New Windsor, Washingtonville and Cornwall have seen the deterioration of the Veteran Monument at the intersection of Clove Rd and Orrs Mills Rd. I would like to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for his efforts in conjunction with the American Legion to make sure that this monuments condition was attended to and beautified. If you are yet to see its restoration, I encourage you to go pay a visit. Honoring our veterans is something we should all pride ourselves in and Assemblyman Schmitt has done just that by making sure this memorial was beautified.


Tony Gabriele


Taking A Lot For Granted

To The Editor:

I read with interest the message from the owner of the Post in last week’s newspaper. He listed several things that newspapers, especially community newspapers, do for the community. I can think of even more. My son, for example ,had his picture in the paper years ago for a sports accomplishment he made. He cut it out at that time, put it in a frame, and it has been hanging on his bedroom wall ever since. I’m sure there are thousands of such incidents.

We also take our local merchants for granted. I have a pharmacist who knows me by name and knows my medications by heart. A few weeks ago my eyeglass frame came apart. I took it to my locally owned eyeglass store and he fixed it immediately for free, even though the glasses were nearly two years old. Try that with Amazon!

We need to start appreciating the advantages of living in a small town and supporting the things that give it that small town flavor.

Richard Unverzagt
New Windsor