Letters to the Editor

Give Me A Break
Letter To The Editor

For 67 years I’ve been getting on lines directly behind the person in front of me. When I go shopping I still tend to do this – be careful of a long habit.

So, please, be patient when I don’t get on lines now. I’m not doing this on purpose… & a gentle reminder will do the trick.

Anna Winthrop
New Windsor

Appreciation to Assemblyman Schmitt

Letter To Editor

As a parent of a class of 2020 graduate I want to thank Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for leading the charge to have modified socially distant in person graduations this summer.
Our Assemblyman led the charge dealing with the Governor and spearheading a petition drive to spur support. He was successful and we are very grateful.

Our graduates have so much to be proud of and they have already lost so much this year with coronavirus, so having modified in person ceremonies is a real positive mark.

It is great to know that our 2020 graduates and all graduate families have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt in our corner fighting for us.

Patricia Clarino

Appreciation to Orange County Post – Senior Coverage
Letter To Editor

Mary Ann McDonough. My sincere best Birthday wishes to Rachael Berrios! May you have happy and healthy days ahead!!

And once again my gratitude to the OC Post , who was the ONLY local newspaper who published my April Letter to the Editor, which blew the whistle on the Governor’s edict, requiring ALL NY nursing homes to accept Covid 19 positive hospital discharges. Thank you OC Post & Edie Johnson for always getting the nursing home story out there!! We who have loved ones in Orange County nursing homes, appreciate the truth, candor & the transparency. Other local newspapers have not had those goals and seemed to want to keep us from the facts. It is so reassuring to know one newspaper knows how important nursing home facts are to family members. After all, they are our LOVED ONES, who call OC nursing homes, their HOME!!

Mary Ann McDonough
Citizens for Valley View

Appreciation to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

Letter To Editor

I write to thank Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for his outstanding leadership during COVID-19.

At the very beginning of this disaster Assemblyman Schmitt stepped up to restock several food pantries in the district, including the one here at Holy Cross Catholic Church. 

We appreciate what Assemblyman Schmitt was able to do working with the Mike and Erin Martucci Family Foundation.

This is the type of leadership we have come to count on from our Assemblyman Schmitt and I just wanted to publicly say thank you. We are all dealing with a lot but to have the hope of a restocked food pantry makes these tough times very difficult. 


Charlene Schratz