Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The Problems At the Border

While Colin Schmitt traveled to Texas to see what he terms as “criminal illegal aliens” and make a determination that immigration bills in New York State will encourage additional border pressure,  the President was in the process of removing $160M in funding from West Point to pay for the border wall.

This is a glaring example of how Assemblyman Schmitt fails to understand the complexities of immigration issues.  It is not a simple “push and pull” as he describes it, but a complex problem of politics, money and humanity.

The Hudson Valley would have been better served by his presence at home protecting one of our most valuable assets.

Chris Miele
Campbell Hall, NY


Letter to the Editor


Just in case you were sleeping or drinking the kool-aid, or was distracted by some idiotic statement or executive action, there is more evidence that stupid is a compromised, (puppet) of Putin.

  1. The sanctions placed on Russia for invading Crimea has been lifted.
  2. Funds dedicated to help Ukraine against Russia have been defunded.
  3. In particular funds for a project called the European Deterrent Initiative, (formerly the European Reassurance Initiative), that helps our NATO allies prevent Russia from further land grabs.
  4. Stupid’s campaigning to have Russia back in the G7.
  5. The Russian nuclear missile reactor that exploded several weeks ago was peddled to Trump as a possible nuclear weapon that Russia would sell to the U.S., thus accepting and funding this experiment to enrich Russia. What other talks have they have that our intelligence community or congress have no knowledge of?

We as a nation are in big trouble with trump in the White House and the republicans in Washington who ignored their oath of office to protect our nation from attack by enemies foreign and domestic by staying silent and allowing this to happen.


Ernesto Tirado
Newburgh, NY 12550