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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
Pride In The American Flag
Dear Editors,

Your cover last week showing people at the debate standing for the flag, and the candidates then seated as they started their debate, exactly shows how we the American people feel about our flag. I was shocked when the Times Herald Record moderators said there wouldn’t be a Pledge, and was relieved when everyone stood up as one and made it happen. I was proud to be not only an American, but just a regular old person doing what’s right, and I commend your newspaper for putting this image, and headline, on the front cover.

Tasha Woodfield
New Windsor

Statement from Senate Candidate Tom Basile:

“Late this evening I called Senator-elect Skoufis to congratulate him on his victory. I am proud of the campaign we ran together with the help of so many wonderful people, to drive a conversation about the reforms we need to make our communities more affordable. The people of our area face a significant affordability crisis. It is my sincere hope that the Legislature will focus on the issues that will grow our economy, create jobs and lower taxes for the hard-working people of our area. My thanks to my wife, family and all those who have dedicated so much energy to my campaign.”



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