Letters to the Editor

May 4, 2019

Richard G Ostner

Dear Editor,

My warnings regarding our water were ridiculed and ignored. My predictions have come true.     We now have contaminated water flowing to the newly created “Butter Hill” well field and ultimately New Windsor’s municipal water supply.    When Green and the Town Council decided to terminate the use of the Butter Hill wells, they claimed it was out of their stated ‘extreme caution.’    Where was this self-proclaimed leadership’s caution was when I was warning of the impending doom?

In April 2015 I counseled the Green team to seriously consider dusting off the shelved the plans for the “Orange County Water Loop” developed by then Orange County Executive Lu Hemibranch.    I was told by Green that a surface water system is too expensive to treat.  How then is the NYC aqueduct surface water system so effective and efficient?

In March and July of 2016, my two published letters to the editor counseled Green that using ground water as a solution to New Windsor’s quest for water supply was an egregious error.   The identified toxins were acknowledged to be already present upstream of the proposed well fields.   All within the Moodna Creek aquifer basin, I advised that the toxins will ultimately leach into the aquifer.   To confirm my beliefs, I consulted with well-respected hydrologists who supported my point of view.   My advisory and caution was publicly ridiculed and disregarded.

In February of 2017 I sent a personal letter to Green and Councilman Reganbaum warning of the need to find alternate sources of safe potable water for the Town of New Windsor.  During my campaign for supervisor when the Kroll Well field tested positive for PFOS & PFOA, I raised concern once again that any future well fields at “Butter Hill” would suffer the same fate as all are within the Moodna aquifer basin.  I was ridiculed by both Green and Regenbaum in private return correspondence.

Since all of the warnings by me and others were ignored, it’s time to replace the   Green Team.  Our water disaster is the best example of a Supervisor and Town Board whose thinking is flawed.   Continuous bad judgments and decisions by Green and his team’s “LEADERSHIP” have been made which affect the health of our community, at taxpayer expense.  We as a community have the opportunity to make a choice.   Elect George Meyers and his bipartisan slate to office.  It’s time.


Letter to the Editor

‘What Drives OC Republican Legislators To Do What They Do?’
Or – ‘OC Legislators March To The Orders of Who?’

WHY DO CERTAIN OC [NY] republican legislators continue to push the envelope when it comes to the 180 + years orange county [ny’s] Valley View Nursing Home (VVC) in the town of Goshen.

Remember when the entire republican gang of legislators and their republican supporters (except OCL Mike Anagnostakis – R, town of newburgh) and including former OCE Ed Diana lied through their teeth and told all of us in 2015 that VVC would take the county broke unless they sold this extremely important asset for all oc residents.

We couldn’t believe them back then and we can’t believe them now for attempting to harm the institution of the VVC and all of the innocent victims who depend on the VVC for their very survival, security, safety, health, comfort and longevity.

Thanks very much for all of the hard work, dedication and commitment by OCL Mike Anagnostakis and all of the current and former democratic OCLs for voting against this hurtful proposal and for supporting OCL Mike Anagnostakis. the only other republican to vote against the republican proposal in the attached report was OCL Jim O’Donnell, R Goshen.

Peace and best of health to all residents and staff of the VVC and all oc citizens who see these crazy shenanigans for what they really are – an attempt again to harm and take funds away from VVC, and harm and scare its residents and their families.

I firmly believe if it wasn’t for OCL Mike Anagnostakis, Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman, OC Democratic Legislators and other important individuals – VVC would have been sold off by former republican OC Executive Ed Diana.

Please contact the above mentioned good folks of OC and thank them for doing what they do. And contact the rest and express your disapproval of these shenanigans and harmful actions against the vulnerable residents of the VVC and their families.

Frank Carbone Jr.
Town of Newburgh