Letters to the Editor

Washingtonville High School Graduation Was a Hit

Letter to the Editor

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in last Thursday’s Washingtonville High School Graduation! It was an incredible evening with so many people to thank. Our kids and their families were amazing, respectful to, and of, each other. The high school staff and security team were awesome. Mr. Connolly, and Mr. Reese’s speeches were touching and inspiring, as were our student’s speeches as well!

I wanted to say thank you to the fire dept. and the ambulance corp. I particularly wanted to thank Mayor Joe Bucco and the Washingtonville Police Department. Their support and presence was vital. It was Africa hot, however we had police directing traffic, as well as police on all terrain vehicles, and even mountain bikes doing all they could to keep everyone safe! It was an incredible effort on everyone’s part, and made me so proud of our kids and their families, our school district, and our community!!

Colleen Doyle

To the Editor:

I am not part of the swamp. It is my understanding the swamp, according to President Trump, is members of Congress who have placed their political careers ahead of the country.  I doubt that was what our Founding Fathers had in mind and may be the cause for voter apathy today. The swamp includes both Republicans and Democrats. The time may be upon us for term limits.

Many years ago, the Washingtonville school budget vote was presented several times before being approved. The second vote was the exact budget request with no changes even though it had been voted down by a decent margin. Why did the school leadership ignore the wishes of the very voters they represent? This same lack of representation is occurring in our government today.

I have begun to look at the voting record of local elected officials and not at the end-of-session give-aways and have learned much about where they truly stand. It has saddened me that I have voted for some who do not share my values and I will change my vote at their next election.

Yes, our country is divided politically and I agree that many may think twice before running for office and many who are in office may leave early not desiring to compromise their values. The future of our nation is at risk if good candidates don’t make the sacrifice to run for office. It is also our privilege to vote our conscience at every election.  It is important to know each candidate’s position and vote accordingly.

Robert Prosser